Build Your Own Custom Designed Dream Home Now

44Waiting to see what the economy is going to do is one way to waste your time. Another way to spend your time, though, is to take advantage of the situations around you and build your own custom home. Many things right now make it an excellent time and opportunity to enable you to be in your dream home before long.

1. Home Loans Have Great Interest Rates

By now, most everyone is aware of the fluctuations of the housing market. Those fluctuations, however, have actually brought about an excellent opportunity to get about as low of an interest rate as is possible. Not only that, but lenders are looking for people with good credit to extend a loan to. Even better may be the fact that the government is cracking down on loan companies that are less than honest. This could help you get a better deal. Altogether, it means you could get a really great financial package to start building after you select your custom house plans.

2. Many Custom Home Designs Are Available

Your custom made dream house does not need to follow the more traditional designs of everyone else’s house. There are many different styles of homes that you can choose from, and many of them are much lower in cost than your traditional styles.

Custom home designs could include the straw bale home, the earthen home, barn conversions, cordwood, stone, and others, too. You certainly have the freedom to choose a unique style to match your own tastes if you want. You can also put into your home any special features you want, as well.

3. Building Material Costs Are Not Getting Cheaper

Building your own dream home now gives you a better opportunity to get the lower prices. While no one knows what will happen, things are rather looking like prices are not going down anytime soon. It will not be long before gasoline prices will drive building materials prices sky high.

Some custom homes may actually be far less expensive than you might think. One of these is the straw bale home. This design could enable you to save up to 75% of a traditional home and it will last much longer than one, too. This style can give you lower heating and AC costs, as well as lower maintenance costs, too, saving you money for years to come and keeping its value up, too.

4. Construction Crews Are Ready

Let’s face it, there is not a lot of new home construction going on right now. This means that it should not be hard to get a good contractor to build your home. You could probably even get it built rather quickly because homebuilders are looking for new design homes to build. Even better for you, though, is that they will not be rushed to complete your job so they can go to the next house as quickly as possible.

Contractors will be glad to see you coming – and you may even get a better deal on your new custom design dream home than you thought possible. All you need to do now to get started on your dream home plans is to talk to a designer.

By Tim Davis. You are invited to learn more from an experienced home draftsman of over 19 years who has drawn many hundreds of custom home plans for satisfied clients. Visit his Web site at Custom House Plans and learn more about how he can design your unique dream home for you.