Modular Home Design Options

45There are many homes for sale right now, but finding the perfect home for your family can be a challenge.

Rather than waiting for your dream home to go on the market, why not design it for yourself?

Modular homes allow consumers to customize almost every aspect of their house, choosing options and designs that will enhance their family’s lifestyle while staying within their budget.

If you have been house hunting for some time you know how difficult it can be to find a home that meets all of your criteria. Whether it is too few bedrooms, not enough storage space, or bathrooms that are too small, homebuyers may end up purchasing a home that is not exactly what they want. The good news is that modular homes offer hundreds of floor plans and customizable options that allow families to design their perfect home.

Your modular home will look almost identical to traditional built homes. However, unlike a traditional home, it will be completely customized to meet the needs of your family. Your builder will work with you to design a home that will work for your entire family while staying within your budget. Because there are so many floor plans and options available, there is a style and floor plan to suit every individual.

Selecting an appropriate foundation should be one of the first decisions you make. Today’s modular homes can be built on many different types of foundations, including a slab, crawl space, or basement. There are advantages and disadvantages to these different types of foundations. Your budget may determine which option is best for you.

Another decision to be made is how many floors you want. Modular homes are available in one-story, two-story, and even three-story models. There are hundreds of floor plans to choose from as well as a vast range of choices for exterior treatments, customized interior features and accessories, flooring, cabinetry, kitchen and bath design, and much more. Consumers are able to design every aspect of their home to make it personalized and customized for the specific needs of their family. There are plenty of options available for every budget and style.

Specialty options like decks, porches, garages, and attics can be incorporated into your new modular home. These items not only make your home more enjoyable and functional, they improve the overall value of the house. These additions help consumers to individualize their house and make it as close as possible to their dream home.

You can be sure that the modular home you design will be built to last. Tight quality control standards are maintained within the factory environment where your modular home is constructed. Internal and third party inspectors are on hand to ensure that your new home will meet and exceed all federal, state, and local codes. Constant inspection and supervision means you get the highest levels of workmanship available.

A quality modular homebuilder will work with you to design a home that will be both beautiful and functional. He will guide you step by step through the design process so that you end up with the house you have always wanted.

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Build Your Own Custom Designed Dream Home Now

44Waiting to see what the economy is going to do is one way to waste your time. Another way to spend your time, though, is to take advantage of the situations around you and build your own custom home. Many things right now make it an excellent time and opportunity to enable you to be in your dream home before long.

1. Home Loans Have Great Interest Rates

By now, most everyone is aware of the fluctuations of the housing market. Those fluctuations, however, have actually brought about an excellent opportunity to get about as low of an interest rate as is possible. Not only that, but lenders are looking for people with good credit to extend a loan to. Even better may be the fact that the government is cracking down on loan companies that are less than honest. This could help you get a better deal. Altogether, it means you could get a really great financial package to start building after you select your custom house plans.

2. Many Custom Home Designs Are Available

Your custom made dream house does not need to follow the more traditional designs of everyone else’s house. There are many different styles of homes that you can choose from, and many of them are much lower in cost than your traditional styles.

Custom home designs could include the straw bale home, the earthen home, barn conversions, cordwood, stone, and others, too. You certainly have the freedom to choose a unique style to match your own tastes if you want. You can also put into your home any special features you want, as well.

3. Building Material Costs Are Not Getting Cheaper

Building your own dream home now gives you a better opportunity to get the lower prices. While no one knows what will happen, things are rather looking like prices are not going down anytime soon. It will not be long before gasoline prices will drive building materials prices sky high.

Some custom homes may actually be far less expensive than you might think. One of these is the straw bale home. This design could enable you to save up to 75% of a traditional home and it will last much longer than one, too. This style can give you lower heating and AC costs, as well as lower maintenance costs, too, saving you money for years to come and keeping its value up, too.

4. Construction Crews Are Ready

Let’s face it, there is not a lot of new home construction going on right now. This means that it should not be hard to get a good contractor to build your home. You could probably even get it built rather quickly because homebuilders are looking for new design homes to build. Even better for you, though, is that they will not be rushed to complete your job so they can go to the next house as quickly as possible.

Contractors will be glad to see you coming – and you may even get a better deal on your new custom design dream home than you thought possible. All you need to do now to get started on your dream home plans is to talk to a designer.

By Tim Davis. You are invited to learn more from an experienced home draftsman of over 19 years who has drawn many hundreds of custom home plans for satisfied clients. Visit his Web site at Custom House Plans and learn more about how he can design your unique dream home for you.

Choosing a House Plan for Your Dream Home

44First things first, when choosing a house plan you must first find the land that you will be building on. Not all designs will look right or even fit on certain lots, so in order to insure that your dream home will be a good fit for your lot, you must first purchase the land on which you will be building.

When purchasing the lot, you have several things to consider.

Location – As the real estate agents say – “location, location, location”. Whenever you are dealing with Real Estate, the location is a very important factor in deciding for or against a particular lot. You will of course want a lot that is within a reasonable distance from your place of business. If you have children or plan to, you will want to research the schools as well. Also, you will want to make sure that the land that you are investing in is going to rise in value. Investing in land in an

area with upward growth potential is a great way to insure the value of your property will rise.

Budget – Your lot must fit within the budget you have set for yourself. You must also take into consideration whether you are purchasing “raw land” or whether the lot has already been prepped for building. A piece of property can initially seem like a bargain until you later find out that allot needs to be done before you an get a permit to build.

Community – You want to choose a community that has zoning laws that allow you to build the type of home you are planning on. Some communities have home owners associations that may need to first approve any improvements you want to make on your land. If this will bother you, you nay want to seek

out a lot that is not under the jurisdiction of such associations.

Once you have purchased the land that you plan to build on, you are ready to select a house plan for your dream home. If you are looking to purchase a pre-made home plan, you may have to make some small compromises as your ideas may not fit into what is available. Another alternative is to purchase a pre-made house plan and later have it modified to suit your particular needs and tastes by a architect. Do know that this will not be without a rather sizable expense, however it may still be more cost effective than if you were to have a plan built from scratch.

When choosing a house plan, you will want to keep in mind several key points…

Your Families Needs – If you have children, you will have additional considerations than singes or retired people. You will need to know how many bedrooms and bathrooms your family requires. Do you need a playroom for your children? Do you or your partner need a home office room? Now is the time to think towards the future and the upcoming needs of your family. When in doubt, build bigger. Nothing could be worse than building the home of your dreams only to find ten years later that it no longer is suitable for your growing family. Talk with your partner and decide now what your family needs may be and plan accordingly.

Building Code – As with anything, you can expect to face a significant amount of red tape as you plan to build your dream home. You need to talk with your contractor and make sure that the house plan that you choose will not conflict with your local zoning laws and home owners association rules and regulations.

Budget – You should know by now how much house you can afford. Don’t sway from the initial budget that you have set for yourself. There is a wide selection of unique and architecturally stunning house plans within every size range.

Style – You probably already have in mind the style of home that you want. If not, browse through some pre made house plans to get an idea of what type of style you and your partner like the best. Try to picture the different styles on your lot. Does it look like a good fit?

As you can see, choosing a house plan for your dream home is a fun, but serious matter. Try to plan ahead at all times and think towards the future. It takes allot of work before you even break ground, but in the end it will all pay off when you are left with your own dream home.

How To Design Your Own House!

43Only a handful of people have the guts to design their own house; most of the times, people end up hiring expensive professionals for architectural purposes. And why not? You don’t design and construct a home often, no matter how rich or famous you are. Building a house is like building a dream you’ve cherished from a long period of time.

If you have recently purchased a plot and want to transform the piece of land into your dream house, it is time for you to know a few things. Read below to know about them:

1) The first thing that you need to remember, while designing your house, is to be practical. You can’t build a castle with the little money you have (even though you can try your best to transform your little house into your castle)!

2) Concentrate on both, exteriors as well as interiors, of your house, rather than focusing only on one thing. Just like a lot of people look at the exteriors of your home, a lot of people visit you to witness the beauty of the interiors as well.

3) If you are unable to sketch the house for yourself, don’t be overconfident. There are several architects that provide you with consultations or advices for the dream house you have in your mind. Hire a professional person and take his help!

4) Don’t build something you won’t be able to handle in future. It is always good to construct ‘realistic’ homes, instead of ending up with the wrong ones.

5) Consider space, since it is the most important thing when it comes to a house. You may be living alone in your house at first, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have a partner in future! Also, loved ones keep coming in all the time; thus, you need a house that’s spacious enough to accommodate people.

6) Do not spend more than you can afford; this is one of the biggest mistakes people make and repent later. It is good to prepare a plan and be in the budget you have in your mind.

7) Instead of using cheap quality materials for the construction of your house, spend a little extra (without hampering the budget too much) and buy good quality materials. Your house will save you from natural calamities in future. Thus, spending a few bucks more on the materials is no big deal.

8) Be as close to nature as you can; Mother Earth has all the healing powers that you need in your life and within the walls of your house.

Dream Home Source Review

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Dream Home Source gives you the best selection of home plans, house plans, and floor plans that you can find. The site is easy to navigate so you can customize your search to the type of home you are looking for. There is a library that will allow you to sort through the types of plans you are looking for. Living up to their reputation as the online source for the best home plans out there, they are continuously updating and adding new resources to help you find the home of your dreams. If you are not exactly sure what you are looking for, you can find helpful articles within the site. You will also have access to our helpful team by email and phone so they can help you make the best decision for you. They can also help you navigate through the site and figure out the type of plans you are looking for.

The plans are sold by Hanley Wood on Dream Home Source. The company works closely with the nation’s top designers to bring you the best home plans available. You will be met with plans in every style from modern to rustic. No matter the type of home plan you are looking for you can search for it on the site. You can be as specific as the amenities you are looking for and this will help you narrow it down considerably. The expert advice you will be provided from Hanley Wood and Dream Home will help you make the best choice.

Hanley Wood has been selling home plans for fifty years, so they have a good idea what they are doing. There are several contemporary plans to look through that feature flexible floor space and a mix of modern materials throughout the home. Depending on the size of home you are looking for, you can sort through the plans by size, floors, and square footage. In addition to the contemporary A-Frame and Shed house plans, there are countless other types of beautiful home plans to look at. You can look through European, New American, Ranch House, Country House, Craftsman House, Victorian House, and Traditional House Plans. It will take you a while to look through them all so a good plan is to know the type of house you are looking for when you go onto the website.

The advanced search feature is the best place to find exactly what you are looking for because you can specify the criteria you want in the plan. Once you find a plan you like you can search for pictures of a completed home to see how it will look when it is finished.

After you order your plan, it is important to consult a licensed architect and speak with the local officials so you can figure out the type of permits you need in your state and community. A great thing about Dream Home Source is that they will match a price for you if you find it cheaper than them somewhere else within thirty days. Find your dream house plan with Dream Home Source and start planning to build.